Online Dating Sites – Tips On Writing Your Profile

Writing your online dating site profiles are really your chance to excel and sell yourself to an exciting market of online singles. This is where your uniqueness must come through to the forefront to express you in the best way possible. Writing your online dating site profile is best done creatively with conveying a genuine message about yourself. Write about your passions. Then you are likely to attract the best singles. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing your online dating site profile to improve your interest:

1. Smile and post a clear picture!

Pictures speak a thousand words. Here is where you really get to sell yourself. Your smile will attract the best person. Having the best online dating site profile picture will provide you instant attention. Each click to your profile begins the screening process for meeting the right person, just as plenty of people walk right past a donut shop, once someone enters the shop they have made the choice to give it more of their attention. It is a good idea to have more than one photo, giving a well rounded likeness of who you are.

Statistically speaking, profile pictures will attract more than 12 times the activity of profiles without them. Be sure your pictures look exactly like you. Obviously posting high school photos if you are 45 is not a very wise idea. Be sure there is enough light to show you sharply, but not over-exposed. Have a warm smile – This brings out the best in you. Practise smiling in front of a mirror. Often people don’t like their own smile, but we all have a view of ourselves quite differently than someone else does. Have you ever seen someone who’s good looking and they are smiling? It gives you that warm feeling of attraction. This is your goal.

2. Creating A Stunning Head-line:

Your headline should be concise and straight forward. Here the essential goal is to attract the right person. This posture you to give a picture of exactly who you are, so other people can determine if they want to read more about you. Important: Capitalise The Initial Letter Of Words In Headlines To Emphasize Them! Market research finds that word capitalization has a large impact on reader attention. Consider the type of person you would like to attract. It may be difficult, but think of a line which describes your passion, with some humour. For example:

“Crazy Skydiver Wants Partner For Sky Adventures”
Maybe perhaps that’s an extreme example, but I think you see. Here are some further ideas to get you creative:

“Movie Watcher Seeks Equally Productive Couch Potato To Wine, Dine & Eat Popcorn Together”
“Keen Horse Rider Looks For Knight For Riding Adventures In the Sunset”
“Accountant Calculating the Best Probability To Date You”
“Plumber Pipedreams Meeting You Today”
“Receptionist Looking For Handsome Single Men Today – You’ll Have A Warm Reception!”
“Painter Wanting To Find An Assistant To Paint My Home”

Get creative with humour if you can

3. Writing about yourself in your own text

Text fields are an important area for you to shine. The more info you put in your online dating site profile the better the chance the right person will find you interesting and contact you. It is an excellent idea to add things you love and things you don’t love in these fields. If there is an actor you don’t like or you absolutely like, add them. If you enjoy travelling the world or don’t like travelling, include this too. All of this info makes you who you are.

4. Be specific with what you say

Writing your online dating site profile you are best to be straight to the point with enough information. A lot of profiles have information like “I like watching movies, quiet nights at home, going out sometimes, weekends away… ” How would someone differentiate you from one person to the next? Being too general is the easiest mistake to make and will not highlight you enough. Be specific. What was your favourite movie experience? Why? Was it the actor or singer? Was it what they said or did? Where do you like to go out? To dinner? If so, where, why, and when? You don’t like spicy food? What is your favourite weekend away spot?…

5. Write your online dating site profile with the best grammar, and be articulate.

Write professionally. You are on display to many other people. Trying to add slang or funny pick up lines don’t always work, unless you have a natural flair for comedy. Most people would like to see the plain you.

6. Be truthful about yourself

Writing your online dating site profile honestly is the easiest thing to remember and the best and right thing to do. If you don’t like anchovies, don’t eat pizza with them on top just because your partner wants to order it. Let them know. Likewise, when you read someone else’s profile yourself, you hope they’re saying who they really are and what they do. Honesty is best.

7. Say what you do or don’t like

It makes online dating sites much more enjoyable if you email someone who you are most certainly going to be a good match with… Not just anyone to meet you. Why does someone want to have a meeting with you? – It isn’t about looks, the best job or being rich that is important to most people. It is about discovering exciting genuine matches with the best probability of finding love

8. Check your online dating site profile carefully – Use spell checkers if you need to.

When writing your online dating site profile your educational ability is on display. Your profile will then look tops and show you put a good amount of effort in.

9. Write your online dating site profile with your goals close at hand – What exactly do you seek in someone else? – Get straight to the point.

Searching people for the “right one” is difficult enough. As a visitor to someone’s profile you want to know straight away what people are all about. Are they looking for long term relationships, short term relationships or just a friendship? Consider your own info and be sure it really lines up with what you really want to find in someone else.